Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Morning

umm, now where did that weekend go?  Saturday I really was on top form, getting all the washing done and ironing it, oh yes.  Managed to get all the little jobs done in crafty space too, desk put up, floors swept, last bit of painting etc.  I do still have to find blinds in the next day or two.  We have lost my big shot cutting plates, magnetic plate and my multipurpose platform.  They were in the craft room but now *puff* vanished.  No trace of them.  We have spent ages and ages going through all the boxes, the bags, the shelves but nope, nada.  So I cant use my big shot for a while, boo hoo.

Katerina has had another couple of nights in her new place and there is a nightclub just outside the block of apartments and she is getting woken up at 3am and 4am.  I have told her to complain to the council, not sure what else she can do??

Yesterday Paul scraped, undercoated and painted the wooden window frames that we have. 
It took him all day, apart from a lovely lunch at son and daughter in laws.  They have just had a new kitchen, which is stunning.  It was great to see the grandchildren and have time to talk to everyone.

Here is my newly scrubbed work desk, well my afternoon work desk, my morning one is no where near as much fun

an area for chopping
 my su ink pads, close at hand
 my stamping area
 all the bits I need to the right of me

I managed to finish off two cards that I have had cut out and ready for nearly a year

If you would like to have a go at making these, I shall be having a "Joyful Christmas Evening" in the middle of October (as soon as I can find the tables for my craft room).  We shall decorate a couple of bags too.

I had best get breakfast ready and tootle off to work for a few hours.   Have a lovely Monday and thank you so much for having a read.

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Lesley said...

You done really well with your crafty space - I'm sure you will get hours of joy from it - Lesley x