Friday, September 12, 2014

The weekend arrived

We were in Preston on Wednesday with Katerina.  The apartment she has rented is not as it should be and the problems we have had well.  I cant write to much because of something called defamation so, she rented an apartment as she was told on more that one occassion, it would be like a brochure she was given.  In reality, furiture was not put in that was promised, it doesnt even have a bookcase although it is described as student accommodation etc. etc.  Fortunately we have been able to help and turn her room into somewhere pleasant to read and sleep in but even so, I am frustrated that we can not take this further.

Katerina came home with us and we are still continuing with sorting out the house.  The craft room now has some shelving units but, its also got boxes in there as we had to take them out of the spare room, for Katerina to use it as a bedroom.  No one told me that I would be moving one box from room to room for months on end....phew.

I really do need a few bits this week so, I shall be placing an order on Sunday.  Should the order reach the minimum of £150 then 5 lucky ladies will each grab a new ink pad in the new ink colours.  Should the order reach £200 then everyone will share the word stamps that are available this month, free of charge as well as the 5 ink pads being given away.  Here are this weeks weekly deal

 It was auntys birthday this week so off we went with card and flowers but no one home. mmmmm, what should we do?  We couldnt reach them on the mobile phone. mmmm, okay, so we left flowers and card on door step.  Sent another text message only to find out that they were abroad.  Oh no.  Off we went to collect card and flowers......they have gone!!!
Christmas card and chatter club tonight, I am looking forward to doing a bit of stamping.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely evening.

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