Monday, July 27, 2015

Card Kit

Good morning from a still very soggy Derby.  The weather is for a cooler day today, around 18 degrees and very cloudy here but no rain.  The rain returns tomorrow for a few days with some sunshine at the weekend, now that sounds okay.

All this rain is helping the laural trees along and means I dont have to keep watering but a lot of my plants are already past their best.  A bit more planning needed for next year.

I recently purchased a couple of card making kits.  When I want to make a card and cant think straight, it is often nice to go along to a class, have everything ready and sit and follow instructions.  Well a kit is like that for me.  I loved making this card.
Everything was cut out ready and I just followed the photo.  It is a 6 x 6 and will do perfectly for some birthdays I have coming up later this year.

We only managed to get half a fence panel painted yesterday so still got a few more to do later this evening and everything is almost ready for laying the concrete at the side of the house.  The next stage is get some new security up around Pauls man cave so that we can take the big gates down so its painting gates for the rest of the week, inside Pauls place though.  We are going to have a white gate which I think will look quite nice, I will let you know how we get on.

Fancy a card making class Thursday or Friday?  Do get in touch if you do.

I had best get a bit of a wiggle on and get myself ready for work.  It will be bliss driving in today, no schools mean no traffic......have a great day and thanks for having a read x

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