Tuesday, July 7, 2015

this little piggy went to market, this little piggy .......

Tuesday at Tracey's today so if you fancy a cuppa, I am free after 3pm or after 6.30pm this evening.  I do need to eat around 5ish.   Quite a few orders to collect and kettle will be on.  Also got lots of lovely bits for you to look at too (yikes I must give everywhere a quick dust and polish in there). 

Here are some little piggys that we made at last months crafty week

Not perfect but so much fun to make.

Yesterday we started work on the other side of the house, phew.  The plan is to remove the large gates which dont fit too well and are very noisy, to put in smaller gates in a different location, get a border for some plants, add more concrete to complete the drive up to Paul's garage and to make the area look smart.  Unfortunately, we have to replace some fence panels between us and our neighbours which we didnt plan on.  The new gate posts, which are oak and bigger than sleepers, have been put in today.  Fingers crossed that by tomorrow, we shall have the area for the borders all cleared and everything ready to put fence panels in on Wednesday.

Do you need any edging kerbs? rockery rocks or paving? if you do please do come round and help yourselves at any time today.

All this has to go within the next couple of days.

All the girls in Cyprus are fine and starting their shopping lists for mum to take over......I dont think I will have too much room as Katerina left a lot of things here and I am sure that she will order other items to be delivered here for me to take with me, tut tut.

Right, I had best get a wiggle on for work.  I dont want to be late today as I want to leave a little earlier, dentist today.  Can you believe that it has been 6 months since I had all my dental treatment, wow.  Thanks for having a read, really look forward to seeing those that can make it later today.  Have a wonderful day.

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