Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Goodness, we did have some rain yesterday.  All the plants are watered, the lovely cut lawn has had a good watering and today we are supposed to have lovely weather.  Keep your fingers crossed as today I am wearing my working outside gear, painting fences.  It is a job that has to be done so I am doing it, wish me luck.

It was mum and dads wedding anniversary this week and here is the card that I made for them.

I hope to be making a few more of this type of card in two weeks time so if you fancy coming along to make some, grab your bits and come and join me.

Paul is home for a few days which is a good job as we have a skip arriving this morning.  Things are progressing well.

More good news, I found a young gardener to help me over the next few months.  We shall give him a try to see how he is and what his work is like and by the time next spring comes around, we should be ready to take up all the crazy paving on the front and lay a lawn, how exciting is that.  Well for me it is because once we are at that stage, it means that the inside of the house should just about be finished.

It is crafty week next week, Tuesday is full but I have a couple of places free on Thursday and on Friday.  Do get in touch if you fancy coming along, it really is a lovely evening.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely day.

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Lesley said...

lovely card bet your Mum & dad loved it - Lesley x