Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Amy

Good morning from a slightly cooler Derby.  I know I like the heat but is a little too much when you have to work in it.  If I was on holiday and could sit and read a book I wouldnt mind. I fully appreciate that not everyone likes it hot and I am so pleased that my crafty space has a couple of windows that can be opened, creating a breeze.

The weekly deal that came out on Wednesday was so good that most of the items have already SOLD OUT, first time I have encountered that.  There are still quite a few bargains on the clearance rack though, especially the papers.  My next order will be going in on Sunday so if you would like anything, please do let me know.

Tomorrow I shall be in the crafty space all day, trying to make an album.  If you fancy a coffee, a natter or would like to offer advise on how to make said album, please do feel free to call in.  I have received a few SU orders too and you are most welcome to come to collect, I am still waiting for a few others as well.  There appears to have been some industrial action, not the fault of UPS, which came up on my delivery tracker?

It is Amy's birthday today (Grandaughter no. 3) and she is 10.  I had a smashing time decorating a bag, making a gift envelope for her ££s, as well as making a tag and a card, all matching. 

I have been thinking that I havent had a lot of me time lately but making all these certainly was great.  It does mean I have a lot of cleaning to do this afternoon and evening though, oops.  I cant believe the mess in the craft I made just from one afternoon of crafting.

I hope you start your weekend off with a lovely Friday and thanks for having a read Tracey x

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