Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday after work I came home and set to on the chores.  I didnt do the conservatory though as it was a boiling 48 degrees in there

A job to do this morning before the sun comes out.

I also managed to get to the library to change my books, which was an experience. I went to a different one and the ladies were extremely helpful.  Got home only to find that one of the books I have already read but never mind, I can soon change it.

Started the clean up of crafty space but didnt get too far with it all.....I got distracted, opps, as  you do.  I am so pleased that I went to bed early though as we had a storm of storms.  The last time I heard so much thunder and saw so much lightening I lived in Cyprus, goodness.  And the rain, wow, it sounded as though it was coming into the house so up I got and had a check around phew. 

Today is the anniversary of our move here, yes a whole year, now that went quickly.  We have managed to get a lovely craft room built and kitted out.  Our bedroom is finished apart from curtains and carpets and the everything room (bedroom and study) needs carpets and computers put in there.  We have a brand new downstairs loo and Pauls garage is finished.  Trees have gone, plants are in phew, not bad for a year.  And every morning when I wake up I still feel as though I am on holiday, wonderful.

Today around 10am I am off to the crafty space for the day.  We are going to try to make an album similar to the one I made in May, I shall show you the results later in the week.

Here are a few thank you cards that I have made for the month of July, I have done them in two colours and here are the pinky ones.

If you fancy a coffee and a catch up, you are welcome today and if you know how to make albums, even more so.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely Saturday.

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