Saturday, December 5, 2015

Stolen Holly

Good morning, 11 degrees and not yet 5.30am.  It was warmer here last night than it was in Cyprus, which Christiana is so pleased about.  Today is the day they arrive whoop whoop.

I nipped out to the garden center yesterday and to be honest, nothing tempted me!! So me and sis had a cuppa and came home.  I was shocked at the price of Christmas trees, £169 for a 5ft tree, it was nice but goodness me, I will stick to the one I have.

On one side of the house we have a holly bush.  I have been waiting for this weekend to cut down some of the holly, with the berries ready to spray this weekend.  Imagine my horror as yesterday morning on my way to work I saw that someone has been into the garden and hacked at the the holly, taking everything that had the berries on.  I cant believe it!!!!   I dont mean a little bit either I mean a good 3ft of hedge.  Grrrrr

This is how the hedge looked.

So on to my cards for today.  I made a dozen of these little beauties and the robbins red breasts and Rudolphs red nose has crystal effects on them so they stand out, all nice and shiny.

We have booked to go to the Xfactor show next year.  I usually buy the tickets and put them in Pauls Christmas pressies but he has beat me to it this year, which is lovely.

So I managed to get the SU boxes late last night.  I shall be having a sort out and packaging up as soon as I can today and I shall let you everyone know when everything is ready.

Right then, I had best get a sorted as I have a million and one things to do today.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day, whatever you may be up to x

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