Friday, December 25, 2015

The fella in the red outfit has been and gone

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas.

Today is a special day as its also Christiana's Name Day. All (well most) Cypriot names are saint names so when it's their name day, they celebrate, a bit like St. George's Day, St. Andrew's Day etc. in the UK.  So Christiana has an extra little present to open, when she gets up.

I found another little pile of Christmas cards that didnt get posted last night, what am I like?  I forget to hand out presents, leave cards and I think I may have got it all totally wrong this Christmas but lets hope that I can get it all sorted for next year.

Just look at this wonderful hamper that Rob and Nat turned up with last week. 

There are so many lovely things in it. well there would be, its from Fortnum & Mason. Cheeses, pickles, tea, salmon, pate, wine, port, chocolate, biscuits, dates, etc. etc. etc.  We shall be having the Christmas pud today and spoiling ourselves on a few other little bits, how lucky are we? If anyone has any use for the straw please let me know. 

Wishing you a wonderful day and if you fancy a cuppa (and lots of cake) over the next week, please, pop in.

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Lesley said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family x