Monday, November 7, 2016

Positive Monday

Good morning, I think it is safe to say that Summer really has finished for this year.  Never mind, lots of frosty days to look forward to. Maybe I can get to practice with my camera and capture some nice images.

I was very brave on Friday and caught a train to Telford for the Stampin' Up! Event.  I really wasnt well enough to drive so the train suited me great. I visited Christiana in hospital at lunch and then went off. An uneventful trip but boy, I really have lost my confidence being on my own! I went to the dinner that SU held and had a wonderful time.

Saturday was just as brilliant, lots of freebies and inspiration. I came away feeling really positive and energised and cant wait to share everything with every one I know, plus the friends I havent met yet.

Here is one of the swaps I received from Telford

This was made by a lady called Kim Price, isnt it a great idea.

And of course the new SU bag for this year, as if I dont have enough of them, never mind.
HANDMADE Crafty Space is have a major overhaul *giggles*.  It will be out of action for a few days but so much stuff is being sold.  I have moved all the selling items into the conservatory until next monday so if you want a bargain, please do call in.  Give me a ring first though, just to be sure I am home.

The orders have arrived whoop whoop and I will be sorting them out this evening.

Health wise, I am not the best unfortunately.  I am still getting the dizzy spells even though I am off the methotrexate.  So it is blood pressure monitoring for one week and then go back to the doctor.  The aches and pains of RA are returning too which means that I am up at silly o clock, fingers are starting to hurt and tasks are starting to get difficult but, I am still smiling and I will get it all sorted.

On a positive note, we have the fuddle on 16th December.  Put the dates in your diaries, let me know if you plan on coming along and dont forget the secret Santa. If you can lend a hand on the Wednesday or Thursday preparing the room, please get in touch as this will be really appreciated.   I will also have a page on my blog and on facebook so you can all see who is coming along and what food will be put on the table, a bit more organised this year. Lots to look forward to before Santa arrives.

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Lesley said...

hope you enjoyed the SU day in Telford and came back with loads of inspiration, see you on Friday :)