Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pretty Packaging from Telford

Good morning and what awful weather.  We were hoping to go and feed the ducks today but it is so wet and windy in Derby, yikes.

On Tuesday I woke up with the taste of salt in my mouth, this continued to Thursday and on Friday, it was cinnemon.  My tongue is swollen, lips dry and lips are split in both corners.  So it is E45 on the corners of my mouth, gel on the lips in the hopes that it will relieve so of the discomfort.  Today I woke up and all I can taste is ginger.  How odd all this is but it seems that 1 in a million people who take the tablets I am taking get problems with all the little tastebuds on their tongue.  Trust me to be that one *giggles*  I am only these for 28 days so I will put up with it.

Still lots more to share with you.

Right, off to potter and prepare a Sunday lunch, with lots of help.  Thanks for having a read and, if you fancy some card making tomorrow, Christiana and I will be in the craft room all do, pop over for a cuppa and a catch up. 

DONT FORGET if you would like anything from the Stampin' Up! Sales tomorrow, please let me know later today......lots of bargains

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