Saturday, November 19, 2016

Quick Update

Good evening.  I went away last Friday for a weekend of crafting at Sir Stampalot, took ill on Saturday morning and ended up spending 5 days in hospital.  It doesnt sound so bad when you say it quickly.  Hopefully I am on the road to recovery now.  We really are very lucky to have the NHS, well, that is my opinion.

On the Rhumertoid Arthiritis front, not on any medication but the dizzy spells have stopped (ssshhh).  Obviously I cant do anything about restarting the methotrexate until all my blood results come back as normal but, I will be giving them a call on Monday to let them know how I am. 

No crafting done but I can show you these that I made last Friday night, it seems such a long time ago.

Stampin' Up! are having a sale which starts with a flash sale on Monday.

This is then followed by a week long sale, ending with another flash sale on Friday.

To see a full list, click HERE  I believe that I may start to order from tomorrow at 11.00am.  If you would like me to try and order any of these items, please let me know sometime tomorrow and I shall see what I can do.  No promises.

I still have a sale table out until Wednesday of this week so, if you fancy a gander, just get in touch and come and grab yourself a bargain or two.

More updates tomorrow, when I am not so tired.  Thank you so much for having a read and I hope to catch up with everyone in the next few days.  Have a wonderful Saturday evening x

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Buffy said...

Fabulous card.
Buffy x