Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Midweek musing

Good morning and today I see it is going to get up to 28 degrees again, phew a bit hot.  The weather on the local news last night that there were going to be a few thunder storms around but Mr. Weather man doesnt say anything about those this morning so we shall just have to to wait and see if we get any or not.

I got my nanny nap yesterday afternoon, 3 whole hours worth.  I felt a lot better for it.    After reading through the blog yesterday I realised that I got a few cards mixed up with posts but whilst I was on holiday it was very difficult to use the internet and Mr. Blogger wasnt being too helpful either.

This is the card I should have shared a couple of weeks ago, my sisters birthday card.

Instead I shared my grand daughters card with you, never mind.

I am feeling a lot better today health wise, yesterday was very tough.  The sickness feeling along with dizziness and just so bloated isnt nice at all.  Lets hope I soon get used to the increased dose of medication and can fuction on it before it is increased again. 

Paul returns to work today after 4 weeks of being off. We dont know if he will be setting off to work away later today or not, fingers crossed he wont be.

Do you remember Christianas rug that she was making.  Well she finished it and put it in her bedroom.

She started another one for Sophia


 and she finished that one.  Now she is hoping to start another one, if she can find the wool in Cyprus.

She put a photo onto a facebook group of both rugs and she has had nearly 900 likes along with lots of comments.  She is so proud and happy, which is wonderful.

Off to potter a little bit before hitting that shower.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day x

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