Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Good morning and what a lovely morning.  I was up at 4am yep.  Not feeling the best after a jab yesterday but I know as the day goes on, I will improve.

I got up, opened all the doors including the front door and have an amazing breeze coming through the house.  I managed to get the unpacking finished and two lots of washing on the line before 8am.  I am sure that a nana nap will be needed later in the day.

My neighbours have been looking after our garden whilst we have been away and it looks lovely.  Last night whilst I was in bed (8pm) Paul started doing some tidying up in the garden and this morning I walked into the kitchen to this.

the smell is wonderful.

A little card to share with you

It was Ollies birthday on Sunday and this is the card I made before I left.  I am told he liked it.

Fancy a craft night this Friday?  Please get in touch if you do.

Off to put away a few more bits before nipping in to look at the craft room.  Have a great day and thanks for having a read x

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