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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Birthday wishes for my Sister

Good morning and although it is a bit cloudy, it is just lovely and warm out.  I have already been to see the nurse and had the leg dressing changed.  It is looking rather delicate to say the least but it is clean, no infection and I have been told will need another 8 - 12 weeks of dressing changes at least, yikes.

A quick *wave* at Liz who popped in to to see me yesterday, lovely to see you. CLIMBING ORCHID is the stamp set we were looking for and it is still available as a bundle. 

Friday was also my Sisters birthday and here is the card that I made for her.

It is based on one that I received which was so pretty and delicate.  This stamp set is carrying over and so is the leaf punch so no rush to purchase the set unless you are like me, ooops.  I see something and have to have the whole kit and kaboodle to replicate what I have seen.  This is a 7 x 7 card (I am being converted to bigger cards by Paula, Ruth and Sally).  It was certainly lovely to make and I will be making more of these in different colours as soon as I get chance.

Are you free for a couple of hours on Saturday morning? Why not come along to a new session of card making.  There are a few places available and it would be lovely to see you.
Just get in touch to reserve your place.

Well I have a few chores and then into the town to make an exchange or two.  Thank you for having a read and if you fancy a cuppa and a crafty chat this evening, I will be in the craft room cutting out card.  Tracey x


plumduck said...

Lovely to see you too, Tracey. Thanks for the info on the orchid bundle. The card you made for your sister’s birthday is very attractive. Sorry it’s going to take a while to get your leg better but at least it’s healing well.
Liz x

snehal said...

Thanks for your post.

Happy Birthday wishes for sister

Shubham Gupta said...

Nice website...Thanks for wishes for my sis...

Happy Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister