Friday, October 15, 2010

Shimmer and Shine

I told you I liked the Serene Snowflake set of stamps. Hope I am not boring you with them just yet but I promise to show you something different next week. I dont expect you can see all the sparkle and shine in these pictures but I have used shimmer paints on three of them and dazzling diamonds on one, just to see the difference and if you look at them i.r.l. , there is a difference.

I am up extra early today, not only because its Friday but I am excited about my girlie weekend away. There are 8 of us off to SS in Peterborough. My bags are packed and I am all ready for the is clean (until Paul messes it up), and I have to go and do my 7.30 hours at work before I can set off. As I am being picked up later this afternoon I can always have a snooze in the back of the car.

Thanks for having a read.


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