Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What would you have done

Mid week again, Wednesdays soon come round. Tonight I had to buy some stamps. Off I went and purchased milk and 4 2nd class stamps and it seemed a tad expensive. I asked the sales assistant if the price of the stamps was correct, £2.04 and she said yes, I commented that 51p for second class seemed a lot and she confirmed that that was the price. So off I trot back home, still wondering about the sudden cost of postage. I checked the internet and lo and behold, 2nd class postage is 32p. Before I had my cuppa it was back to the shop and I asked to see the manager. He came along and with the sales assistant I explained my plight quoting further training needed for staff, wasting my time etc. etc. This young girl believed that the cost was 51p, which it is FOR LARGE LETTER 2nd class postage. The stamps she sold me said large on them but she didnt know any difference. Now, should I have gone back and complained or should I have just used the stamps??? What would you have done.

Here is yet another Serene Snowflake card, this is in chocolate chip but I have the same card in real red. Soon there will be old olive and a lot more different colours, in fact I will make it up with every colour that I have ribbon for as I adore it.

We had the crafty readers meet up tonight, another fine meal discussing a rather strange book, What Alice Forgot. Have you read it?

oh, I should mention that I did leave the shop with 6 first class stamps as an apology........

Thanks for nipping onto the blog for a read....cant wait to see your comments


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Lesley said...

lovely card love the early expresso - postage is expensive enough so I would have gone back to get the right stamps and the right price -best wishes Lesley x