Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tempting Tuesday

I had a lovely evening last night, it was the first of my crafty nights for this week and we had an awful lot of chatter and laughter. However, there were some very silent times too, with tongues hanging out caused by concentration. I hope you ladies enjoyed it as much as I did, waving to you. Everything is ready for tonights crafty night and I am really excited about it.

Here is the last card that I made for Christiana for her birthday.

She got in touch last night to tell me that she had just sold some cards to a local shop. The shop are buying them at one price and have told her that they will increase the price by 25% to sell to customers. She has to go back again next week to see how well they have done, fingers crossed that she does well.

Just look at these wonderful papers from the SU Idea Book and Catalogue. There are so many lovely ones that I am doing a share for 3 of the papers each month, and these are for October.

If you click on the picture is should enlarge it for you

You can purchase each pack at £8.75 for 12 sheets of double sided 12 x 12. Or you can have a share of 6 sheets of one pack at a price of £4.35. If you would prefer 6 x 6, I am doing a share of 6 sheets of one pack for £1.10.

Now if you were tempted to get all three packs, it would be £25.50 for all 3 packs of 12 x 12 (36 sheets), £12.75 for one of each sheet from the 3 packs (18) or £3.20 for 18 sheets of 6 x 6. As I shall be having these delivered to my home for me to cut for the share, there will be no p+p if you can collect or I can drop these off at my next event. Should you wish me to post them out to you I am happy to do so but the postage for this will be additional to the above prices.

Phew, I hope that you can understand that, its a bit tricky thinking this time in a morning. I need to rearrange my blog to get the shares on a seperate page, something for the weekend.

I have to get ready for the proper job now so thank you for having a read and have a lovely day


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Jackie said...

Morning Tracey, lovely card. I will keep all crossed fro Christiana's sales :o)
I'm off up to Viv's this morning so will no doubt we will have lots of laffs and chinwagging too :o)
Jackie xx