Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eye candy

Just a quickie today as I have to get my skates on.  We have road works on the main road that I use to go into the office each morning.  It is not a nightmare, it is worse than that.  I sometimes shake my head in amazement at what other drivers will do, to beat the queue.  They put so many lives at risk, by their stupidity and I dont know if they realise what they do.  When I leave work at lunch time it is worse.  I have now become a driver going down little side streets, like a little rabbit warren, getting home without all the hassle.  My 20 minute trip home was taking up to 45 minutes....phew.

Yesterday was Tuesday at Tracey's *waving* to everyone who nipped in for a cuppa and some cakes.  Here are some pictures of what I baked.

I had one small cake last night, wasnt I good.

Have a lovely Wednesday, back with more cards very soon.  Thanks for having a read

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