Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone has a lovely day today.  Here are a couple of cards I made and some cakes.


Today I should have been able to get up, have a shower, breakfast, grab my pre packed bag and go to visit my youngest daughter.  Well, I overslept to start with.  Jumped in the shower (okay eased in) only to find that the water was cold brrr.  Towels were not in bathroom cause I had washed them all and forgot to take them out of the drier so I dripped to get a towel.  Back in the bedroom, moving around all the packed boxes and get myself dressed and this is how my morning, so far has been.  My pre packed bag wasnt,  it is a good job all the cakes were made.

Downstairs looks like a bomb went off in the night, how can 1 person make such a mess?  Never mind, I shall do something I have never done before, I shall walk away from the packing, the pots and all the hic cups in my life at the moment and take a drive up the M6.

Have a lovely Easter and I will be back as soon as I can x

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