Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursdays Allsorts

Good morning and another early start for me again today.  I have been taking my neice to work for 7am a few mornings this week, so its early to bed and early to rise. 

The sunshine has been working wonders in my garden.  I am going to have to take lots and lots of cuttings of all my plants as they are looking wonderful this year, and I dont want to leave them but I know I must.

During our trip to Venice, down the little back streets, round the alleys and the dark corners I found a shop, just a small one, selling bound books, fountain pens, cards, inks and rubber stamps so of course I had to purchase one.  There was not a lot of choice but, this little fella was perfect.

On the train going in to Venice each day we saw three wooden poles, tied together, in the sea with gulls at on the top of them.

Yesterday I spent over 7 hours on the telephone to friends, family and others but it meant that I couldnt do any packing.  I love talking to everyone but I really must crack on today (or get an afternoon job in telesales). 

I came across these two cards that I had made to show someone but not shown them so here they are.

Lots of Crystal Effects all over them but it doesnt show too much on the phototgraphs.

Thanks for popping by today.  Have a great day and fingers crossed that we get a bit of sunshine.

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