Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sundays post

It is very windy outside this morning, I havent seen the forecast yet so I dont know what the day has in store for us.

For me, it is more packing.  I am really pleased to say that the craft room is all done, with the exception of a few bits that I may need.  Well you just never know do you.  Today I will start with the washing and then start to sort our my handbags and shoes and get those boxed up ready to go. 

Yesterday I asked what you thought the essentials were, for crafting.  For me, apart from the usual craft kit I have left out my box of SU markers as I can use these to stamp with.  Also my marveys have been left out.  

 My box of thank you cards in the tin cant be packed away just yet
 Scissors have to stay too, I use them all the time

 This was an empty box that I will put bits and pieces in as I go along
 My box of scrap card.  I use this first when making cards so this will be a last item to pack

 This stamp set is nearly the most used one that I have. It is pocket silhouttes from Stampin' Up! and no matter what the occassion, I can always make a card using this.
 I have left my watercolor books out as I have been meaning to have a play for a while and this is the perfect chance.  An opportunity to unwind when things get a bit tough.
 Got to keep the glue, glitter and embossing powders at hand, just in case
A clear desk so that I can just nip in and create a crafty piece, when I get the time.

Speaking of crafty pieces, here are the thank you cards that I have made for this months Stamperettes. 


This is the last of the 10 months for the group which has flown past again.  The next one will be starting with the new catalogue and if you would like to be in this group, let me know as I am already taking names.  This is where 10 people commit to spending £15 each month for 10 months.  During this time each person will be a hostess and get at least £25 of SU goodies, totally free.  I will keep reminding you of this, just in case you fancy joining a group.

Opps a reminder to current Stamperettes, order are needed tomorrow please at the latest.

I have found boxes PHEW,  I have to go this morning and collect as many as I can get in my car so, wish me luck.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day

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Jackie said...

No doubt you will be so glad when the move is over and done with!
I find it very easy to resist buying when I already have so much stuff LOL.
It sounds like you have left nearly as much stuff out as what you have packed :o)
Jackie xx