Saturday, April 26, 2014

The hunt is on

Good morning on this very wet and soggy Saturday morning.  Oh yes, it is raining but hay, that is okay and I shall be spending most of my day indoors.

The craft room is sounding very echo ey today.  The shelves are empty, the boxes are piling up and I just have my desk to clear.  This does mean of course that I cant make any more cards which is such a shame, hopefully I have left enough emergency supplies out to finish off a few cards though.

What would you call essential supplies?  I will take a photo of what I have left out and show you tomorrow.

Although I cant make cards, here is one that I received for Easter, from Ruth, isnt it wonderful. 

Thank you Ruth.  I didnt know that I had received this card until I went to hoover and mop my hall and lifted up the carpet.  What a lovely surprise I had to find this card underneath the carpet.

Today I am on another hunt for boxes.  Where I will put them when they are full is another question for later on but today, I have to go and find some.  Yesterday I went to five shops and came home with 2 boxes.  I also have a pile of items that I wont be using again which is getting bigger by the day, opps.

Stampin' Up! have some great deals for this week
You may have to click on the image to make it a bit bigger.  If there is anything here that you would like, please do let me know before 5pm on Tuesday.

Today, in between packing, looking for boxes and cleaning, I will be answering all my emails, returning calls and generally trying to catch up with everyone.  I had best not start just yet as it has only just turned 6am.

Thanks for having a read, have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and, if you know where I can find some empty boxes, do let me know

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Lesley said...

How well you are doing with your packing - not long now to the big 'M' day best wishes Lesley x