Sunday, November 23, 2014

A bit of a moan today

Friday night / Saturday morning at around 3am, someone tried to get in my daughters flat.  She lives in a big block of flats in the center of Preston.  As she is a light sleeper she heard the door handle going a few times and then it went quiet.  She woke up her room mate and they telephoned their male friend who lived a few floors above them who came down to see what was what.  At the end of my daughters floor, there is a security office with all the CCTV cameras so all three of these youngsters went there, on the off chance that some security people would be around.  Fortunatly they saw 2 chaps in the security room and told them what happened, it wasnt right that people could get into a locked building, girls living on their own  shouldnt have to put up with this and can they see the footage of the CCTV.   These chaps seemed to be drunk and the three youngsters couldnt really understand what they were being told, due to the state they were in.  So they all went back to the flat and their friend stayed the night on the sofa.

Katerina and roomie went to the landlords office the following day to complain.  He said he was sorry but nothing he could do, he would get the owner to meet with Katerina.  The owner met with her and they went to the security office to see the CCTV which showed, 2 chaps breaking into the building, 2 chaps wandering round and trying to see if doors were open into apartments and I am sure you have guessed it, yes, it was the same 2 that were in the security office that Katerina and co saw.  So now, she is very concerned as she thought they were security and told them that the 2 girls live alone and they were afraid.  The owner said, ring the police and let them have the CCTV footage.  She rang the police and at 4pm they were due to come to visit her.  Ten minutes to 4 and she gets a phone call, from the police "If you live in the city centre, close to night clubs, then this is the kind of behaviour that you should expect and we wont be coming to visit as there is nothing we can do".  Really, this is what they told her.  She will be going to get advise from uni tomorrow to see if there is any other help she can get grrrr, rant and moan over. 

So yesterday we had a scrapbook day and I created these pages

and a bit more detail

 They are from a family holiday in 2001 and I am really pleased with them.  I would like a few more "fun fair" embellishments so will start looking out for them.  If you fancy making scrapbook pages then do get in touch and come along to our next get together.

There are a couple of places left to make cards, bag and tag on Tuesday evening should you wish to come along.  If you would like a bit more information, give me a call.

Off to start my day, lets see what it brings.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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