Friday, November 21, 2014

Magical Reindeer Food

This is my motto for the weekend, I think it is lovely.

Very cold outside, yes I have been out already.  I have put the heating on in the craft room as I would like to spend lots of time in there today.

Look what I made yesterday

I am not sure if you can see all the sparkle.  I found making these to be very calming, relaxing and loved the time doing them.  I think I had best make a few more though.  If you would like one or like to know how to make them, please get in touch.

A group of us are scrapbooking tomorrow, please let me know if you would like to join us or if you would like to pop in, have a coffee and a crafty natter.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day, whatever you are up to. 

1 comment:

Lesley said...

what a good idea - I'm sure the Reindeer will love their treats x