Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Friday

It is exam time for both Sophia and Katerina today.  We wish them lots of luck and I do hope that they manage to get through the exams without too much heartache.  I remember how ill I used to be, bless them.

Weather today is supposed to be better than yesterday but at least we didnt get the rain yesterday, phew.  I was hoping that we could have all sat outside for my birthday but it wasnt to be.  Today it is said to get up to 17 degrees with a few clouds, so I will put some cushions and table cloths out in the hopes that I may be able to sit and read a few pages of my new book.

We all squished and squashed around the dining area and in the conservatory yesterday but wow, what a day.  It was smashing, so many family, friends and little ones, it really was a day to remember.  I got so many wonderful and useful presents that I just cant list them all and cards, ohh I shall share those with you over the next few days.  Full of inspiration and the shop purchased cards are so nice, they have really come up in the world and such perfect verses inside them.  Does this mean that if you can buy a perfect card with a perfect sentiment......I dont need to make them anymore?

The new Stampin' Up! catalogues are here WHOOP WHOOP.  I am going to do another Stamperettes Series 14 (dont want to do a number 13).  This is where 10 ladies commit  to spend £15 each and every month, for 10 months.  During this period each lady (or gent), with be a virtual hostess (with a difference).  When it is your month to be the hostess, you get an additional £15 to spend in the current catalogues.  On top of that you get the annual catalogue and all other publications over the 10 months, free of charge and, you get to go to an actual Stampin' Up! party each and every month too, free.  You can take family, friends, neighbours or anyone else you wish to the party as well.  Would you like more information, just give me a call.  If this is something you would like to take part in, get in touch.  There are only 10 places in total and 2 of those have just been taken.  It all starts on Monday 29th June with Monday Make, the first Stampin' Up! Stamperettes 2015 party.

Another card from my last weekend away.  Isnt this lovely?
I discovered a new little trick of shading whilst leaving a little white border all the way round.  I had a wonderful time making this card, it was a great start to a great weekend.

We have the new boiler YEAH.  The chappie left yesterday mid morning, the house is warm, the water flows through so I think that big job went well.  Next we have to get the toilet put in the little room (I am going to call it my downstairs toilet), well, it doesnt matter.

Off to start in craft room before nipping in and out with the washing and ironing.....these things have to be done.

Have a wonderful day and YIPPEE, its Friday xx

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Lesley said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday - love the card we made a week ago now :( yes the border technique was a good idea one to use for the future - Lesley x