Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Good morning on this Tuesday and it's hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go....no whistle though as I really cant whistle.

Sunday was another smashing day.  We did a bit more gardening, a bit more weeding, planting and cleaning.  Here is the new cottage garden that I am hoping will grow at the bottom of the tree.

   It didnt take long to whip it into shape and plant the seeds, 4 packets of them and with fingers crossed, there should be a mixture of a few flowers coming up soon.  The only problem here is, how will I know what is a weed and what is a new plant?

For Pauls birthday, my sis and bro in law, got him this lovely yellow plant.  It says its will grow 8ft tall and 8ft wide, yikes.  We shall keep our eyes on it.
 Here are all the other lovely plants that I got for my birthday from Sue......lots and lots of them.  Paul planted them up straight away as these plants had actually come from Sue's own garden, wow.  Again I am watching these carefully, watering them each evening, sprinkling the slug pelletts down and trying to keep the weeds at bay.

Yesterday was rather hectic as it was sisters birthday as well as her 30th Wedding Anniversary.  It was also dads birthday phew, I was out visiting all afternoon.  After a very quick tea it was back in the craft room but I am still not ready for tonights crafty class tut tut.  I am sure I will be though when 7pm comes around and I get ladies knocking on the door.

Here is the Anniversary Card that I made for my sis and her hubby.

I loved doing this as it was something a little different for me.  Diane really liked it too, which I am pleased about.  Its a rather old embossing folder with lots of pearls, well it had to be really as it is their 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I thought that with the pearls, not a lot more was needed.

Right, off to get ready to start my day.  Thanks for having a read x

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Jackie said...

Oh my Tracey, what a busy lady you have been, makes me exhausted kust reading about it.
I love that stunning anniversary card :o)
Jackie xx