Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday all day

Good morning and it is Saturday, yippeee. 

Yesterday I managed to get sisters birthday card finished, Grand daughters started and a spare.  The craft room is still trashed and my first job today is to get in there to get it sorted.  I have crafty week next week and still lots to organise.

I also managed to do all the clothes washing and half the ironing, I still hate ironing.  Dust is settling all over the house again, I cant wait for it all to stop but at least by tonight, I should be all straight, well thats the plan anyway.  Also got chappie popping in to sort out the dates for the new cloakroom installation....more dust, never mind.

I forgot to show you all the little curvy boxes I made to take with me to my crafting weekend last week.

 I cant believe that it was a week ago, goodness.  And here is what was waiting for us when we all arrived.

I have passed the sweeties on to Paul as he is partial to these.

The girls did their exams and they both werent very sure of how they did.  Katerina has another one on Thursday and Sophia mmmm, I dont know.  She didnt say but I am sure she has more before the end of June.

Mum is getting a bit better now.  She is tiring very easily and looks rather pasty but she says she feels better, I shall be keeping my eye on her.

Well I will go and make a start on the crafty space cleaning, all the other housework is already done.  Hopefully I may get to sit outside today with my new book at lunch time, I didnt make it yesterday.

Thanks for having a read and if you are around in Alvaston today, call in for a cuppa and cake, it would be lovely to see you xx

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