Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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I have just read that we shall be having showers around 8am and again around 12 noon but the afternoon will be lovely and warm.  Its a good job because I am freezing.  We dont have any heating at the moment brrrr.  The boiler man came yesterday and took the old boiler out.  The new one has all the pipework being put in place, the holes have been drilled in the wall and fingers crossed the boiler will go in today although chappie thinks he will finish on Thursday lunch time.  The dust is back grrrr.  I cleaned it all away yesterday but it must like living here.

Here is a card that we made on Sunday afternoon during my weekend away.

We did this with the very talented Chris and to be honest, it is the only card that I have that is totally finished from the weekend.   The circular piece has been made using a Jelly Plate and brayering the colours on to it.  Not used a jelly plate in this way before and I just love the card.  Its an 8 x 8, again, not my usual sized card but I think I may have to do a few more this size.  Do you see the crochet details?  Chris had already prepared these for us which is a good job as I cant crochet at all.  Thanks Chris it turned out to be a very stunning card.

I didnt manage to get in the craft room yesterday so hope to do so today, lots of bits to put away, crafty week to prepare for and lots of goodies have arrived that need packing away, sorting out and thank you cards being written.  Fortunately, I am off work again today WHOOP WHOOP so I should get it all done. 

We did managed to get a couple of hours out in the front garden yesterday and will do so again today.  It certainly does look a lot better, although we do need to get quite a few ground covering plants.  I dont know a lot about those but I will do a bit of reading up on pretty, flowering ones.  We also planned the front garden yesterday, all we need now is someone with the know how to come and do it.  If you know of a gardener that can undertake such a big task, do let me know please.

Do you fancy making a card or two next week?  I have a couple of spaces available on Tuesday nights crafty night and quite a few spaces left on Friday night.  Do get in touch if you fancy coming along.

Right, I had best get a wiggle on and get a cuppa made for Paul as he has to go to work today.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day, dont forget your brolly.

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Lesley said...

great weekend and yes we made some amazing cards - love the one you've posted and I managed to complete it too - have a great week off - Lesley x