Sunday, October 30, 2016

An extra hour

Good morning on what is supposed to be a very mild Sunday, fingers crossed that it is as today is wash day.  I know I dont usually wash on a Sunday but its best to get it done and out of the way.

How did you spend your extra hour today?  I spent mine in bed, I so needed the sleep. I do feel for parents of little ones though as they dont know the difference yet.  I think it used to take me more than a week to get everything back to normal when mine were little.

I had a visit from work on Friday afternoon and it was wonderful to receive a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.  It is the first time that this has ever happened and it really made me emotional.  I so appreciate the little things.
Sitting eating breakfast this morning we could smell these, they are wonderful.

I managed to get in the craft room for a while yesterday and hope to get back in there again today.  I made a few tags and as soon as they were done and dusted, Christiana asked me to wrap some presents and you have guessed it, she pinched the tags.

I also had a play with the Jar of Love stamp set.

This is my first stab at using the stamps, this is what I usually do.  Have a play, sort out colours and then throw the 'play images' in the bin.  I have been told that I am being silly so I am using the 'play images' to make up a few cards as thank yous.

More cards with this stamp set to follow.

I best I had put the brooms and the halloween sweets away for another year.  Not too many sweets left in the bucket, mind you, it isnt Halloween until tomorrow night.

I have a tinee tiny order to go in later today.  I forgot to order myself some craft card which i need for the gingerbread men so, if there is anything you need, please do let me know.  

Of to start my day, thanks for having a read and hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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