Friday, October 28, 2016

Tagtastic Friday

Good morning on this Friday.

Yesterday I ended up in bed all afternoon and most of the evening, not sure what upset me but something did, never mind.

I cant believe that all the Drama programmes I watch are ending.  Poldark has finished, The Bake Off was a wonderful drama, Cold Feet has done sigh...... I guess a bit more crafting will get done in the evening.

Here are a few more tags that I have been making over the last week or so. I found a little die for sale at a reduced rate and I couldnt resist.

 I am just making them bit by bit as and when I can.  As soon as I get a few ready, Christiana nips and pinches them to put on the presents that she has got.

I love growing alstrameria plants and in the past we have had success in splitting them and growing the babies, to give away of course but the one I have outside are small one.  So when I saw the tall ones for my vase I had to treat myself. 

Then yesterday I just saw this little drop of nectar about to fall. 
Well I think it is nectar, if it isnt, I am sure that someone will let me know what it was.

I best get Christiana up otherwise the day will be over before she gets out of bed.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Friday x

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