Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Brother In Law

Good morning and it is a chilly one.  I have already been outside for a while, sweeping up the moss deposits.  Yes we still have those falling from the roof daily.  We have made so many enquiries into having the roof cleaned and the cost is silly money.  Paul has purchased a platform and the plan was to get it done over the Summer months but that didnt happen so, for now, I will sweep up the moss.  To be honest, I enjoy the fresh air on my bad days so it isnt a chore.

Today is brother in law's birthday and here is the card I made

It was good fun making this.  I have a few more all put together and just need names/occasions to be added.

I have been signed off work until mid December as there is a bit of a disagreement about my treatment.  The hospital says that not all my side effects are caused by the medication and to see my GP.  My GP says these side effects are the medication and I have to wait another month to see if they die down.  Never mind, at least I am not suffering with my joints.  It does mean though, not a lot of crafting at the moment but also, not much housework getting done either ooops.  I am still staying positive though and looking forward to see my daughters when they come over at the beginning of December.

Christiana is planning on having Christmas in Cyprus this year, with her grandparents over there.  Also her aunt and family are going from Belgium and her cousin will be there from London so a really big family get together.  And of course, it will be warmer.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Tuesday.  Tracey x

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