Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Good morning on this dry day in Derby.

The weekend soon went in a flash, a lovely day Saturday with friends calling in and out all day, so nice to catch up.
Sunday was a nice day too, I managed to get to Wilkos to buy a battery for the tourch.  I always think that once the battery has gone you need to use it.  I also saw the folks for an hour,  which is always nice and then it was bed at 8pm as Christiana arrived at 1am.  Monday was pretty much a write off day due to taking 'the meds' and today I just feel totally out of sorts but I know, that in a few days I will be fine again.

We had a lovely evening on Friday night as a group of friends came to visit and play with Stamp n Write markers.

Here is one of the ideas we came up, different types of salt on coloured wet card. 

When the salt has dried it leaves very different images, which we stamped over with Wetlands Stamp Set and some words.  These are what I came up with and turned them into bookmarks.  I shall share the other ladies makes later in the week.

As promised last week, here is the cake that Christiana had for her birthday which, with her phototgraphs of sunsets and sunrises, was just perfect.

How wonderful that she just opens up the patio doors and you can sit admiring the view. Just to the right of the house you can see in the photo, is a clear view of the sea.

I am hoping to go outside shortly to do some watering.  It is all I am fit for today and I really do need the fresh air to help me feel a little more human.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day x

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