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Monday, December 4, 2017

A Monday with Sparkle

Good morning.  I expect that life will return to a bit of normality now that my 4 girls have been, had fun and left again.  We have had so many wonderful moments that lots of new memories have been made.  I promised them that I wouldnt do any type of cleaning while they were here and I didnt. Evanthia has been named Miss Primark 2017, I cant tell you how many Primark bags she purchased FULL of clothes.  Their trip to Chester was a great success which is more than can be said for their trip to London.  They got caught up in the suspected terrorist incident, mass hysteria, stampedes and in a 'lock down' for nearly two hours.  They dont want to return to London and I cant explain how afraid I was.  I am pleased that is behind us.
Christiana had a comfy flight to Cyprus, the temperature yesterday was 23 and the evening was 11 so already, she can feel the difference.  Unfortunately her hands are not the best but she is on antibiotics and if we keep our fingers crossed, they will soon heal.  Yesterday she spent the afternoon/evening with her sisters and friends and sisters boyfriends etc.  She is being well looked after.
Stampin; Up! have their year end sales.  Just click HERE and it will take you to the sale page where you can see all the retiring and sale items.  If you would like to place an order just let me know.  If you are going make an order online, please remember to use the hostess code 4VAU4PHE and a little thank you will be on it's way to you just after Santa has been.

Last week was Hollies birthday
 It is a brand new stamp set and there are all kinds of things in the set, knights, dragons, wizzards etc.  It is great for all ages.  Watch this space for more ideas with the set.

Of course, as December arrived, just looked who appeared, I think we may a little fun with this chappie again this year.
And as it is December, just look how this plant is flowering, it looks stunning and is getting bigger each day.

Well I had best make a move because if I dont, I wont be able to as I will have set.  Thanks for having a read today and I wish you a wonderful Monday.  Tracey  x

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