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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Its the season....

Good morning and what a difference a day makes, well a steroid injection really.  I am pleased to say I am practically pain free and my feet dont feel as though I am walking on pebbles all the time.  I slept so well so feel like a different person today.

Last night was wonderful, we (that is the royal we). were able to cook for mum and dad and they spent the evening with us. We dont get to do that very often so it was nice. 

Here is a tree that I purchased last year, in a rather broken state.  It had been reduced 5 times and I managed to get it for less that £5.
It was carefully put up in the loft when I purchased it and this year I repaired it with lots of TLC.  Not the best photo but you are more than welcome to come for a cuppa and view it.

Last weekend Pam took me to a lesson on how to make a door hanging wreath.  Well with a bit of help I managed to make one and whilst it isn't the best I am so pleased with it.
 I have even booked in to go again in December 2018 but I will have a bit more knowledge.

Paul is taking me into town this morning and this evening we have the family round for a bite to eat, just buffet this time.  So it will be lovely to see what the grandchildren are up to.  Of course, that leaves all afternoon to go and play in the craft room, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

It is wonderful and warm again today, just the way I like it, hope you do too.  Thank you for nipping in for read today and I hope you have a smashing Saturday, what ever you are up to.  Tracey x

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