Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still no cards

The girls have returned, the house is quite but pongy.  The new wooden TV stand is being varnished and waxed and phew, what a smell.  It should really be done outside but the stand is too heavy to move.  I have that many yankee candles lit I am not sure if I am helping or hindering.  Oh well.

I have decided to make cards using one stamp set each week, a bit difficult at the moment with the smell but hopefully by the weekend I will have some cards to show you.

I have been having a great big problem with my e-mail account.  So much so that I am changing the address.  I will be letting everyone know over the next few days what it is. Hopefully it will stop all the spam e-mails going out.  I do apologise to anyone and everyone that has been receiving these.

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