Monday, January 26, 2009

Phew what a weekend

It was a hectic one. I was playing skivvy to Paul for most of the time but it was well worth it. The units are going up in the C room rather quickly as you can see in the picture.

My daughter is rather upset that I am about to change the wallpaper in this room. It currently has little dogs on it and it wont really match the rest of the room. It is my intention to put pastel pink wallpaper up. She has asked me to send her lots of cards with dogs on to make up for it - oppps. Sorry Sophia.

No cards to show you today as I am busy getting everything ready for the workshop this Saturday. Everything is all cut out and I am busy getting the project sheets ready.

I have been lucky enough to win some Blog Candy and cant wait for it to arrive.

Thanks for all the lovely comments you have been leaving.


Handcrafted With Love said...

Well it's certainly all coming together very fast now Tracey - Paul you're doing a great job! ..... BUT does he realise that he'll see even less of you once everything is all finished???

Well done on winning blog candy and don't forget to take some photo's of what you get.

Love Pam xx

Karen said...

It's looking good Tracey. Hope you can move in soon LOL ! See you tomorrow.

Love karen x

willow said...

Hi Tracey, had a great day today, Thank you.

I really enjoyed the workshop and will be coming again to do another one.

Blog candy! ooooh lovely, lucky you!!