Monday, June 11, 2012

I dont like Monday's

Does anyone really like Monday's? I used to, yes surprise surprise I loved Monday morning cause it meant that I was going to a job that I loved, hay ho, at least I shall be enjoying this afternoon by relaxing, putting my feet up and perhaps doing something on the sewing machine.

Yesterday saw the craft room get turned inside out, literally.  It is good to go through things you havent looked at for a long time, I found cards that I had started and not finished, lots of things for my scrapbooking that I had misplaced but, a boxful of SU sample cards has still not be found, oh heck.  I dont want to bore you with all the details so, how about these?

I am not too sure of the best way to photograph a scrapbook page to show you so I hope that you can see these okay.  I did the first page with Claire and did the second one at home.  If you didnt know, they are photos of my wedding last year.  Paul has shown me how to print of photographs so there is no stopping me now, I do hope you like them.

As I cleaned out "my space" I found these, they werent lost just misplaced..... It took me ages and ages to make them and I did them in the hopes that I would get lots of people interested in signing up with me for Stampin' Up!, but that didnt happen so, I have four sets of SU card colour sample things to give away.

If you would like one, just let me know (Wendy I have one here for you anyway).

Right, that's it, it hi ho hi ho and off to work we go.  Thanks for having a read and have a fantastic Monday x


Jackie said...

Beautiful pages Tracey, lovely photographs :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

scrap book pages look wonderful-hope you are ok will spk soon best wishes Lesley x

PS I'm sure there is someone out there who'd like your swatches x

Anonymous said...

Scap book pages look amazing, special pages for special photo's.. Do you mean me ! Ooowww I feel very special now thankyou xx Will pop in soon for a cuppa and a chat