Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Midweek Musings

Wednesday lunchtime already and the good news is, Paul came home. I am always so pleased to see him but he does look shattered, bless.  A very busy morning at work today and this afternoon....who knows.

Maria, do you remember Maria, she is my cake goddess.  Maria makes wonderful cakes and then I bake what she has baked because it never goes wrong and always tastes fantastic.   To find out more visit her blog HERE well she has been quiet lately and therefore I havent been baking but, she puts a post on her blog and that got me going again.  Here are the photos of my apple crumble cake which really is scrummy.  Thank you so much Maria, you are a star and I am so pleased you returned to blog land, even if you are thinner lol.

I tried to photograph how tall it was in comparison to the tin, I didnt think that it would stop rising

It was very tricky to get out of the pan.  next time I will have to add some greaseproof paper lengthways to help take it out but phew, I was lucky.

The inside of the scrummy apple crumble cake. I put sultanas in instead of raisens and it really is wonderful
Thank you Maria, once more
And of course, yet another cushion....addicted.  Its going to be little hearts next I think, we shall see.
This cushion, which I am sure I am safe showing you, is for Ollie.  Ollie is my neice (who lives next door) son, Ollie who will be 1 this weekend.  I am not sure how appropriate it is to make cushions for boys....what do you think??

Thanks for having a read and look forward to seeing what you think about cushions for boys


Sue said...

I think that cushion is just perfect for a little boy and why shouldn't they have them. It's a lovely idea as room decoration.
your cake is looking pretty good too, I never think to take pics of my baking.
Sue x

Lesley said...

love the railway cushion best wishes Lesley x