Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunny Monday

Two weeks ago I went and had my eyes tested and discovered I needed new glasses, well it wasnt a surprise as I had been struggling a little bit.  So last week I went and picked up my new pair of glasses, wore them for half an hour the first day....had a headache.  I put them on for 45 mins the following day, had a migraine.  Last week I had 3 migrains and 2 very bad headaches so it had to be the glasses.  I went back to opticians at the weekend, they checked the lenses, yes just as prescription so it was suggested that I gave it another week and then I shall have a re-test.  Has anyone else ever had any problems when they have changed strength of glasses, they are just reading glasses that I use for crafting and on the computer.  I would be really interested in knowing if anyone else has had something similar.

Well the start of the week and the forecast isnt looking too bad.  Today was lovely and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will last.

Here are a few little notelets I made using a stamp that had never seen ink, I am terrible.

I have lots of crafting stuff sat in a box that I wont use and lots of stamps that I want to use, just never had the time.  Today I have caught up with lots of little chores so that hopefully, I will have the time to use my stamps.

Thanks for having a read, I hope you have a lovely evening and I shall be back again in a few days

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, I love your pretty notecards :o)
I hope you soon get used to your new glasses. I am picking my own new glasses up this afternoon so I hope mine are okay. I have to have 2 pairs, one pair for normal use and the other pair for when I am on the computer!
The only time I ever had trouble with new glasses was when I tried varifocals, I could not get on with them at all so had to go back to bifocals :o)
Jackie xx