Saturday, June 9, 2012

A weekend of catch up

Good morning from a not so windy and not so wet Derby.  The weather has been awful the last few days, what a big difference to a week ago.  Never mind, it has really helped the plants and for me, it has kept me indoors doing lots of bits and pieces.

How about a cute couple of cards from Mawgan.  Mawgan is Buffy's daughter and one of the youngest crafters I know, isnt she good.  Thank you Mawgan.

Here are a few photographs for Christiana, Sophia and Katerina.  I have been trying to tell them about the garden at home and then thought the easiest way was to show them....

 No, this isnt in my garden, in fact I had a brother for my 50th birthday, now dont look aghast, here is a photo of bro

I have spent hours watching the DVD on how to use it, spent hours practising getting my seams straight and eventually I went out and purchased some pretty material.  This is my very first cushion
 Now I am not too sure what I am going to do with this but I have enough material to make another 3 so that is what I hope I shall be doing this weekend, hope I can show you some more photos next week.  I got lots of cotton and a sewing book for my birthday too, which are a great help. 

Thanks for taking the time to have a read today and I know it will have taken quite some time.  I am having a catch up day today, catching up with some chores, with lots of emails and blogs and generally all the little jobs I have been putting off.  I hope you have a great day whatever you are doing.....what are you doing?


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...gorgeous cards from a budding crafter, super pic's from the garden & that machine is a beast can't believe how many stitch ways it can do, a gorgeous gift to receive & a fabby cushion, well done...Mel :)

Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, love you beautiful garden photographs and the cushion is lovely too :o)
The sun has been shining here but it's gone now!
Jackie xx