Monday, July 30, 2012

Another start to another week

Had a lovely weekend, well I always do.  I relaxed Friday evening, Saturday I went into town back to the opticians and got a few little bits for the girls, then came home to these wonderful flowers from my husband....arent I spoilt.  They dont look real, but they are

Then I spent Saturday afternoon ironing and sorting out some holiday clothes and watched 2 episodes of miss marple.  Saturday night was another chill night in front of the tv.  Sunday it was a lie in, yes me I had a lie in and did some chores, some gardening and then went off to bingo.  So here I am all ready for the week ahead.

On Saturday I went into Monsoon as they have a sale on and I found a dress, £140 reduced to £70, to £35 and down to £21 well, I had to have it and, on top of that, I asked the shop assistant to put it into a VERY BIG bag because I saw that the handles of these VERY BIG bags are twill, yes twill that you can stamp all over, now that is sad.

I told Paul that I had to go to Monsoon to get a big bag...well if you saw the look he gave me *chuckling*.

So this afternoon I shall be in the craft room having a little move around and make a few cards that I have going around in my head.  Just something to play with really.

Its Derby Dabblers get together this Friday, the first Friday of the month.  If you fancy doing a bit of crafting (card making, scrapbooking, making jewlery, knitting or anything else) please feel free to come along.  We are having a demonstration this month so let me know if you are droping in and I can tell you all the demo and chest that you can make.

Thanks for having a read, I hope that it hasnt rained too much where you are and that its still a lovely warm start to your week.

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Jackie said...

Gorgeous roses Tracey, what do you mean they don't look real? They do to me :o)
Jackie xx