Thursday, August 16, 2012

Drawstring Bags

For those that know me, I am a novice at using my sewing machine.  Well when we go on our holidays we take lots and lots of wires/plugs... the kindle, the telephone, the camera charger, the laptop charger etc. etc. and they always end up in a plastic bag, muddled up and it takes ages to untangle.  Then when we come home, I always dread that we have left one behind so, I have been making drawstring bags to put all the individual charges/plugs into and here are the photos.  It is material that I have had from making the pillows.  I am hoping that the grandchildren will want a bag or two as Christmas presents.

Not long now till we are with all the girls and their friends and their boyfriends and it will be party, party, party.  I am just about packed, just a couple of bits to put in so tonight it will be cleaning and putting everything I wonder if I have a little room to pop in just one A4 box with some crafting bits?  I will let you know.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day.


Jackie said...

Lovely idea Tracey, they look great :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

such a great idea - we use plastic bags but yours are more colourful - have a great holiday best wishes Lesley x

Lesley said...

what a great idea so much more colourful than plastic bags - have a great holiday - Lesley x