Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good morning to you and thanks for having a visit today.
I cant believe it's Thursday already, the days are flying by.  Well for a change, it's hot, just 34 degrees so far, phew and we are off for a day in Larnaca.
Yesterday we went to a little outdoor market that we have visited over the last few years and we had a wander round, in 34 degrees (only mad dogs and Englishman etc).  We managed to get some dvds but not a lot else.  There are not as many stallsas there were in previous years and we were most surprised by the price of things, its so expensive.Having said all that though, we shall go back again next week for a wander round.
Paul at the entrance of the little outdoor market
We then had a drive around a few villages as Paul loves to see traditional places, we got lost twice because I was doing the navigating but sshhh, no one realised.  This was followed by a treat for Christiana. She has a few wedding coming up so we went to a couple of shops and got her some shoes, a bag and a shawl.  She will look lovely in them

I made another few wedding cards, clean, classy and not very difficult.

Well thats all the sunny news for now. Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to xx

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Lesley said...

glad your holiday is going well - Christiana will look lovely in the shoes etc and the wedding cards are gorgeous - where is the image from
continue to have a brilliant holiday best wishes lesley x