Friday, August 17, 2012

The weekend is here early for me

Wishing Buffy a very Happy Birthday.  I have 3 birthdays coming up so I wrote out all the cards, took photos of them so that I could share them with you, then put them in the envelopes. mmmm, now I cant really remember who got what but, never mind, this is one of the cards I made lol.

Last night after everything was all done, dusted, packed away......we were overweight, yikes.  So it was a frantic repack (I did this last time we went to Cyprus) and took quite a few bits out of the cases.  Phew.  Then we realised, we hadnt put the cheese in, oh no, so we had to do it all over again.  Now I know I have my swimming costume and I know I have a couple of pairs of shoes, an outfit or two and thats it.  I really do not know what else I have to wear and am I bothered, not at all.  The girls can rest assured that they have their ducks that they asked me to get them, lots of new underwear, a quilt for Sophia and not forgetting the quilt, cushion covers and pillow cases oh, and did I mention the presents from Holland.  I got my priorities right.

You can still get in touch with me on facebook or email and if you are brave enough, try skype or face time. 

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day


Buffy said...

Thank you Tacey, for the birthday wish
Buffy xx

Lesley said...

super card I've not been able to use mine yet as my left hand is incapacitated best wishes Lesley x