Monday, August 27, 2012

Manic Monday

I had forgotten about the dustbin men in Cyprus starting work in the middle of the night.  Can you believe that at 4.00a.m. they were here, with reverse noise of their lorry, laughing and joking and making as much noise as they could.....ggrrrr I cant blame them though as it does get rather hot later in the day.

Yesterday I thought I had a problem with Hotmail, tooday I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM with hotmail.  Someone tried to get into my account so this has been blocked now, until microsoft can sort it out, should only take 5 -7 days AAAARRRGGGGHHHH no, I am expecting emails.  Okay, so I am not going to panic.  I have just set up another temporary email which is

If Jane Brandon, Debbie Fletcher, Sally Johnson or Paula Johnson are reading this, could you please send me an email.

Its okay me setting up this new email account but, where are all my contacts and who takes details of their email contacts on holiday with them?? Now there is organised and there is organised.

The weekend has been great and sooo chilled and relaxed..  Yesterday there was only Paul and myself at the villa so we swam, we ate, we snoozed, Paul got to read his paper in peace and me, well, I got to making a few cards.  Christiana and Pani came back late at night so we have them with us today.  I think it will be another pool day.

This is a photo of a traditional sweet that you used to get after EVERY meal in a restaurant in Cyprus.  Unfortunately you only get this is the old places

It is orange that has been left in a syrup for a long time, very sweet. In fact it is too sweet for me but Paul enjoyed it.
Paul has become a smoothie king.  Oh yes, he is buying all kinds of fruit and each afternoon he makes his drinks, here is the pineapple, melon, vanilla ice cream and ice.  Of course you have to have a piece of chocolate cake (Doukissa) to go with it.

Thanks for having a read, I will get the camera out and take some pictures of the wedding cards I made. Have a great day

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Lesley said...

I think I would love the Doukissa lol best wishes lesley x