Wednesday, August 22, 2012

midweek mussings

It has been a busy few days but soooo enjoyable.

Friday we travelled to Cyprus on a great flight with Monach. First time we have flown with them and it was very enjoyable.  We were allowed 23 kilos each and I can tell you, we had 45 kilos between us so only just made it, that wasnt including the additional 10 kilos of hand lugage, each.  I had to get so much for the girls that I didnt have room, nor weight for a handbag for me, my purfume, 2 outfits put a lot of other bits that I thought I could do without.

We landed in Larnaca to 30 degrees phew, it was hot and that was at 10p.m..  Eventually got to the the place we have rented, got the ac on and just had a drink and went to bed. Saturday we did a shop, got our bearings and had a dip in the pool and then, it was time for bed again??? where did the day go.

Sunday, now I know I said I wasnt cooking a sunday lunch in these temperatures but I relented.  I cooked a Sunday Lunch.
Yushpuds just starting to rise
Paul and Christiana dishing up
pavlos pudding
Monday it was off to the telephone company to get some internet sorted, a bit more shopping and cooking and again, the day was gone. Tuesday saw us go to Ikea for hours and hours, just what we had missed. We got more things for Sophias apartment (she is leaving home in a couple of weeks) and then we had a few hours of cleaning out her apartment, now that was hot.

Today I chilled and I deserved it.  I have been in the pool, had a girly day with lots of girls and have just laughed and laughed.
The 2012 girly day at villa
 Tonight its going to be a quick meal, a drink and a little crafting, oh yes, I snuck about 5 kilos worth of crafting items with me, well, I can manage without the handbag and the outfits but without crafting, not sure.  Tomorrow I am going in search of the sea.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great evening

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