Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midweek Musings with lots and lots of photos

Umm, where did the sunshine go?  It really feels cold today, so cold that I have had to put my heating on, good job Paul is away and he wont know.  And yes, I have got a cardigan on too.

Well what a hectic few days.  Monday after work was a mad clean up, lots of ironing and lots of visitors because yesterday it was my birthday.  Unfortunately Paul had to go away yesterday morning (that is why I had to do all the ironing) but we did have breakfast together and what lovely presents he got me.  I am so lucky as he really is thoughtful.  As well as the 3 drawer units and flowers, I got a tiny box of chocs, a dvd that I have been wanting to see, well actually we went to the cinema to watch it to find out it had left.  That was the second time we had done that, how embaressing.   Then I got a box of J20, some wonderful little candles, a new china mug and mat for when I sit outside in the sun, yeah okay and a birthday cake.  It was lovely to spend an hour with him before he went off on his travels.  Then I went off to work armed with  georgraphy cake, blueberry muffins, shortbread biscuits and brownies. 

 The afternoon was filled with friends visiting, then more friends and more and, before I knew it, time for bed.

I have received some wonderful birthday cards

So then I cut the cake Paul got for me and we sat and chattered and laughed.

I have such lovely friends who spoilt me rotten with thoughtful presents, thank you to everyone.  Thanks for making my day so special when I thought I would be spending it alone as not only Paul left to work away but my parents are away as is my sister.

My daughters, who are split everywhere this week got my birthday organised between them.  Katerina sent me this card from all the girls

And clever Christiana organised Amazon to deliver this present, from all the girls.  A little girl with a dog from the Willow collection.  The box was even wrapped up ready for me to open.

Her present matches the one that Katerina organised for mothers day. A little girl with a cat from the Willow collection.

I have to show all these photos as I am not sure if all the girls have seen all the cards and presents, if you know what I mean but ssshhh, dont let the girls know lol.

So now I am an older lady who should be taking things easy but do I, oh no.  Today I am putting the finishing touches to the craft room and then its the finishing touches for next weeks crafty week.
We shall be crafting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and at the moment, there are some spaces available.  If you would like a little more information about making a couple of cards, joining in the fun and laughter, eating home made cakes and biscuits,  just get in touch.  The card making is for experienced crafters as well as beginners.

Thank you for having a read, right to the end and have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

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