Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Good morning.  Wasnt the weather strange yesterday.  The sun just never got through the clouds but it wasnt cold, thankfully.  I think we are in for a bit of a storm today.  No Tuesday at Traceys because I am off to Little Eaton Garden center for a quick coffee, quick catch up and a quick nose around.  If you fancy coffee I will be there about 1 ish for an hour.

Isnt this wonderful?  Well I think so too.  It is a "to do" book and I got it for my birthday. I am using it constantly.  It is too big for my handbag which is a good job really although, I could buy another handbag??? thinking about that one.  Well it is a very posh "to do" list.  I write in it on a Sunday and update it most evenings.  It really does help me and it is better than the wilkos one I usually have out on the side in the kitchen.

Katerina left on Sunday night, boo hoo.  We spoke every day sometimes two or three times and she is such a happy child that she made me happy when I put the phone down to her.  I just hope that she gets time to face book me now and again as I shall miss her lots.  She has done so well living another year in Preston and we are now waiting for her exam results, fingers crossed.

FANCY MAKING A COUPLE OF CARDS TOMORROW? - I shall provide everything to make two cards, refreshments, cakes etc. etc.  You just need to bring £7, some sticky tape (I can provide this if you are a beginner and dont have any) and lots of enthusiasm.  We start at half 7 but you are most welcome to arrive at 7 to meet your fellow crafters.  Lots of items on the SALE TABLE.

Speaking of sale tables, I have these to give away to a good home
not a very good photo is it lol.  Basically there are quite a few magazines, some stamps and a couple of folders.  Just let me know if you want them.

At our get together on Saturday we all made a card using SU crepe paper.  I havent used this before but it will be on my next order that's for sure.  We made a card very similar to this one (this is Helen's) and I just love it, hope you do too.  

If you fancy having a play with some crepe paper and make a couple of cards, let me know and I will organise a get together in a couple of weeks, it could be fun.

Thanks for having a read today, hope you are well and as usual, have a lovely day x

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