Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wet Wednesday - so the forecaster says

Good morning, I am sat here and it is 12 degrees outside already - only 6.30am.  I have just heard that the lovely weather isnt going to last, which is a shame.  At least yesterday I managed to get all the outside cleaned again, plants watered, a few weeds pulled up and its looking very nice.  I even sat outside for well over an hour having a coffee with George and putting the world to rights.  How nice it is just to stop for a while.  Fingers crossed that I get to sit outside again very soon.  I havent made up my hanging baskets nor put in the border plants because of the weather but I think that this weekend, I shall get that little job done and put lots of colour in the garden.

Would you like to make a couple of cards and tags tomorrow?  I have an event at 7pm tomorrow night as well as 2pm in the afternoon and there are spaces available at both sessions.  If you do please get in touch for more details 01332 721877 or

Here is a card I made some time ago. 

Is anyone else struggling with the internet at the moment?  Everything is extremely slow, my emails are not getting out and, I am not receiving emails.  Text messages are taking a couple of days to get to me as odd.

Off to get ready for my morning at work and then home baking in the afternoon, lovely.  Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading the blog today.

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